Top Tips – Horse Racing

Horse racing is a very British sport which has taken place for thousands of years. For the casual observer, there is little to keep them interested in watching a race to its conclusion, but if you have some pennies riding on the outcome of the race, be it a few or your life savings, there [...]

History of Football

The history of the ‘Beautiful Game’ goes back almost as far as human history itself. Who can claim to be the inventors of football is debatable but, as far back as the first millennia BC, the Chinese military played a game called ‘Tsu Chu,’ involving kicking a fur stuffed ball into a hole. At roughly [...]

Premiership Betting

When you discover the range of options that Premiership betting has to offer you’ll understand that there’s so much more available than a straight gamble on the outright league winners. In recent seasons, there has been such a dominance by Manchester United and Chelsea that betting on the Premiership champions hasn’t been quite so attractive, [...]

Golf Guide

Although Tiger Woods’ career imploded in a media storm of scandal and outrage, it was thought by many that the damage, though serious, would prove to be temporary and that he would eventually regain his rightful place at the apex of professional golf – the best golfer in the world, perhaps the best there has [...]