Premiership Betting

When you discover the range of options that Premiership betting has to offer you’ll understand that there’s so much more available than a straight gamble on the outright league winners. In recent seasons, there has been such a dominance by Manchester United and Chelsea that betting on the Premiership champions hasn’t been quite so attractive, but there are many alternatives available.

With Champions League qualification so important for many clubs you can now bet on the sides that you think will make the top four. Once again, this particular gamble has been a little unappealing in the past but with the emergence of teams such as Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester City, there are more options than before and the odds for this particular bet are better value as a result.

Additionally, you can place a bet on the league’s leading goal scorer at any stage of the season and often, this gamble can go right to the last game of the campaign. At the end of 2010-11, the Golden Boot was divided between Carlos Tevez of Manchester City and his rival from neighbours Manchester United, Dimitar Berbatov. Often, there are similar tense outcomes that go to the wire. This is a really exciting bet that can be influenced by a host of factors including injury, loss of form and suspension and that’s one of the reasons why this gamble is so popular.

You can also bet on transfers between clubs as you try to predict whether a player will leave his current side during a transfer window. Odds here change fast as many punters claim to be ‘in the know’ and a large bet on one potential outcome will change the prices dramatically.

In addition, the ‘Sack Race’ asks you to predict the first manager to leave his post at the start of the season but you can also stake money at any stage in the campaign. Simply find out the odds for the next manager to leave their post and place your money accordingly.

The best way to check prices for these and many other options is to head over to an odds comparison site. These can be found online and will offer a choice of current prices for a multitude of bets and they are handy tools for advanced gamblers who want to find the best possible premiership odds.

With so many televised games in the Premiership, many gamblers saw the concept of betting in play as a natural evolution in the gambling world.

This is an extremely exciting aspect to betting that tests your qualities as a TV analyst in predicting how a game will develop and all the usual bets are available to you. You have to act fast however because odds change frequently so if you see the price you want, take it before it shortens to something a little less favourable.

With so much live football on offer, you can increase the tension and excitement simply by placing a bet on any of the Premiership games taking place over the course of a weekend. With plenty of online outlets available, it’s simple to stake your money before watching the drama unfold.

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