Ronnie O’Sullivan ‘Ready’ For UK Snooker Championship Despite Drop In Ranking

Ronnie O’SullivanRonnie O’Sullivan is insisting he’s more than ready for the upcoming UK snooker championships in York despite dropping from first to twelfth place in the world rankings over the last two years.

‘The Rocket’ kept himself out of danger of dropping below the top sixteen world players by securing a victory in the Players Tour Championship, held last weekend.

His win ensures his place in the upcoming UK championship which will be held at the Barbican centre in York in December and the Masters which takes place in January.

The 35 year old, who has won the world championship three times said that he was ‘not bothered’ about his rankings drop. He went on to say that UK Snooker was experiencing a lot of changes and that he was preparing to roll with the punches and be patient.

O’Sullivan explained that he did not want to follow the model set out by Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry who in his opinion had both tried to carry on competing at world championship level when they were no longer in their prime.

He went on to say that he had accepted that he had grown older and wasn’t able to play as skilfully as he once did and he was simply trying to enjoy playing as much as he could.

The UK championship is returning to its former home at the Barbican centre in York. Games will be played to best of 11 frames will be plaid up until the quarter finals when the game will revert to best of 17 frames, which was previously favoured. It’s thought that the organisers have changed the rules to make games shorter in an attempt to rekindle public interest in the sport.

O’Sullivan recalled his last victory in York when he beat Ken Doherty in a 10-1 victory in 2001. He explained that the venue had always drawn a good crowd and he was looking forward dusting off his custom snooker cue and playing there again.
The UK Championship will run from 3rd to 11th December. Tickets can be purchased at

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